Founded in 1958, Décor has been making the lives of Australians more convenient and enjoyable with innovative, functional, and long-lasting homeware products. The company has everything from kitchenware and gardening tools to cleaning solutions. Over the years, Décor has built a trusted and solid reputation for excellence in design, product innovation, and quality.

Protecting Products with Custom Tissue Paper

Packaging is as important as the product itself. It is the first thing that consumers see and experience. For that reason, it’s quite critical to your branding efforts. Product packaging tells your audience why your product, as well as your brand, is different from the rest. Often, it determines which products get noticed on the shelf and which ones get purchased.

Décor turned to PACKQUEEN for help. However, they weren’t looking for cardboard gift boxes or white gift boxes. They wanted to do custom tissue paper printing. As you can expect from a company that values design, they came to us prepared. They had a specific vision for their printed tissue paper solution, which made our job so much easier. In tandem with their commitment to innovation and quality, we were able to deliver premium results for their promotions.

PACKQUEEN offers a myriad of packaging solutions for the different needs of our various clients. We provide affordable wholesale gift boxes and a myriad of wrapping materials.

Aside from cardboard boxes and other packaging boxes, which carry the product itself, invest in wrapping materials like custom tissue paper. Whether you run an e-commerce company or a brick-and-mortar store, you can protect fragile merchandise with branded wrapping paper. Custom tissue paper prevents scratches, dents, and cracks while keeping in with your brand and maintaining the quality of your offerings.

Adding More Value to Your Products

Many business owners tend to overlook the importance of custom tissue paper printing. That’s a shame because including wrapping materials to your cardboard gift boxes and white gift boxes add more perceived value to your products.

Consumers nowadays value personalisation. Like Décor, you can use printed tissue papers to improve customer experience. At the same time, your printed packaging can more potentially increase brand recognition and awareness.

Using tissue paper instead of non-biodegradable materials like plastic is also better for the environment. For brands who have an eco-conscious audience, adding biodegradable wrapping materials to your cardboard boxes and packaging boxes will not only make you sleep better, knowing you’re doing your part to save the environment, but it will also enable you to tap into more eco-conscious markets.

Much like wholesale gift boxes, you should be able to find packaging materials such as tissue paper at an affordable price here at PACKQUEEN. If you want to have it customised, visualise its design and pick the right company whom you think can turn it into a reality. Since Décor came to us prepared, we delivered their custom tissue paper in no time. Let us do the same for you.