Companies engaged in eCommerce have no direct contact with their customers. This makes it impossible to build up a personal relationship with those customers and puts eCommerce businesses at a disadvantage to those retailers that sell directly from physical shops.

A lack of personal contact makes it more difficult to retain customers and so, as an eCommerce business, you have to work harder to do this. It can be achieved by careful design of your packaging so that it promotes your brand and makes the unboxing experience more memorable.

Making the Most of the Unboxing Experience

Unboxing is a fairly recent development that has grown with the popularity of social media. It occurs when consumers record a video, or occasionally take photographs, while unpacking products they have received. The results are then posted on social media channels and are viewed by others, who are potential buyers of the same products.

Although this may seem a fairly basic process, it has proved extremely popular and can be very attractive to companies that want to attract more business. It is, in fact, a free form of advertising but will only work in your favour if you put time and effort into the packaging you use.

To be effective for an unboxing experience, packaging must be:

  • sturdy, so that it protects the contents; unpacking a damaged product from battered packaging will totally have the wrong effect
  • easy to open so that the experience is rewarding rather than long and frustrating
  • good looking with a quality appearance that enhances the product
  • custom printed with the company and product branding rather than being plain since this ensures the branding is seen by viewers and is properly promoted

Clearly branded external packaging lets customers know what they’ve received before they open it. This builds up a sense of anticipation and so, providing a packaging that works effectively and the product is of the right quality, will leave a favourable impression and make future purchases more likely. Surveys have shown that customers are more likely to buy and recommend products that are in branded packaging.

Exactly the Packaging you need

Custom-printed packaging is obviously more expensive than plain versions but the investment will be more than repaid in repeat business and referrals. And the range of packaging we offer means you’re sure to find something to suit your budget:

  • Corrugated cardboard boxes are strong, lightweight and offer a large area for effective branding.
  • Mailer bags are suitable for smaller products that are less prone to damage and they’re cheaper and lighter but still provide enough space for branding.
  • Tape can be used to seal boxes and, since it can provide the necessary branding if used on plain boxes, may be a cheaper but no less effective option.
  • Custom stickers can also be applied to plain boxes and provide the branding needed.
  • Tissue paper can be used within internal packaging to wrap and protect individual products, adding a quality touch, especially if custom-printed.


Retailing is often a very competitive business and you need to take every advantage you can to gain and retain customers. Gaining them can be a very long and expensive process so, once you have them, you need to do everything you can to retain them.

Properly designed, quality packaging will excite customers, increase the engagement you have with them and make the whole unboxing experience much better. Those customers are more likely to remember the branding, have a good impression of it and return with future orders. And it doesn’t cost much to achieve that.