Author: PACKQUEEN   Date Posted:16 March 2020 

1) Other food (except pizza)

Surprise your friends at a party or event when you show up with a pizza box that contains other food rather than pizza.

Some yummy-looking examples of this are:


2) Do-it-Yourself Artist Easel

Want to make your own artist easel, without spending a lot of money? Pintrest shows you how to do it using one pizza boxe, clips ruler, card (to bend easel)  and a small peice of cardboard to hold the easel up.


3)  Party Favors 

Take a cue from the comeback of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When the movie was released, little boys from all over wanted a TMNT-themed party.

Of course, what better way to incorporate 
Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, and Leonardo's love for pizza than to use pizza boxes for party favors? Here's one example made by Melissa of Porch Swing Creations.

4)  Stacked Pizza boxes for organization 

These boxes can be stacked to create an organizer for your crafts, paper products, and a whole lot more. Many people at the community even customize these stacked pizza boxes and sell it. 

Here we see a teacher stack up several pizza boxes to make a custom drying station for her students' art work. Not only do the kids have their own slot, it also frees up space on the floor.

Another example of this tiered pizza box organizer is a popular pinterest photo (shown to the right as a desk organizer).

A little girl created an adorable craft organizer using a stack of pizza boxes.


5) Books 

Pizza boxes would also work well as packaging for oversized books, photo albums, vinyl records, 

coffee table picture books, and a whole lot more. As long as the product is on the flat side, and measures similarly to a traditionally-sized pizza, this solution would work quite well. 

Denise Pannell, an art teacher from Fairview Elementary in Sherwood Ohio, is a master of crafty organization. She uses pizza boxes to organize books about specific artists. (see below) 

Another teacher, Melissa from Alberta Canada, is a passionate grade-one teacher. She used a couple of boxes to separate books by theme. (see below)


6) Hamper Trays 

Pizza boxes could also transform into low-profile hamper trays, which are ideal for showcasing cookies, sandwiches, candies, various small treats, and gift sets.

You can either use a pizza box with cover included (like what did), or divide the pizza box into two trays, use plastic wrap to seal the treats in and decorate with ribbons (to create a candy hamper like UK's The Little Sweet Co,).

7) Wall art

The most creative uses of pizza boxes come in the form of wall art. 

A small, Portland-based pizza place called 'American Dream Pizza' has an entire wall dedicated to art made directly on pizza boxes. 

Valentina Har‚Äčper, of 'Feeling Inspired', shared a quick tutorial on how she turns pizza boxes into blank canvases, before painting some amazing art work like the ones below.

Make sure to check her blog for steps on how to recreate these homemade canvases. 

Are you ready to try your own spin using pizza boxes?

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