Beautiful food presentations for your next event are very easy to achieve. Whether you’re a professional caterer, home cook or someone who just likes to lay out food and invite friends over, we have food presentation ideas you can use.

1. Buffet trays

You can put baked goods, sweet treats like bags of cotton candy and even marshmallows or candies in them. Since they’re available in various sizes, hamper trays are great for organising food items or party supplies

2. Organisation

Hamper trays can also be used to hold party supplies like utensils and napkins. They can also hold packs of party favours and souvenirs.

3. Individual enjoyment

Use smaller inserts for single servings so guests can customise their food trays according to what they want to enjoy. These plastic inserts are also great alternatives to napkins or smaller paper plates if you’re serving finger foods.

4. Thank-you baskets

There are very few things we all enjoy more than giveaways. You can use food trays to lay out giveaway stuff in. Use wadding or tissue paper to cushion the items and finish off with cellophane if you so desire.

5. Go boxes

The best part about parties would have to be the leftovers. If your guests enjoyed the food, you know they’ll love takeaways more. Pack leftover food in individual food trays to distribute.

PACKQUEEN has food and hamper trays in a variety of colour and sizes you can choose from to be used at your next event. We also have lids and inserts should you need them. Visit our website now and have a look at what we have available!